Most Recent News (05.03.2020)

Thesis Prize of the DGMS

Tim received the Wolfgang Paul Study Award 2020 of the German Mass Spectrometry Society for his doctoral thesis "A Cryogenic Mass Spectrometer for Action Spectroscopy of Single Nanoparticles". Congratulations!

Cluster Conferences (05.03.2020)

Two of the most important cluster conferences took place at the beginning of this year with the active participation of the Asmis Group. Yake and Sonja presented posters at the GRC 2020 Molecular and Ionic Clusters "Molecular Models of Chemical Structure and Dynamics" in Ventura (CA) with Knut as Vice-Chair and Sonja also gave a great talk on the microhydration of salts within the scope of the GRS.

Three weeks later, the Symposium on Size-Selected Clusters S3C took place in Davos (CH) with a talk from Knut and poster contributions by Benjamin and Arghya.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! (23.12.2019)

Already the 6th Christmas for the Asmis Group in Leipzig! Time passes quickly. The coming year will continue a trailblazing transition with hopefully exciting developments in the individual projects. Important challenges lie ahead. These offer the unique opportunity, to take on responsibility and to exploit the personal freedom creatively. 

I wish all of you peace and contemplation over the holidays, lots of rest, time to let your thoughts wander and a happy New Year. 

Knut Asmis

705. Heraeus Seminar Highlights Cluster Science (4.10.2019)

From 29 September to 4 October 2019, the 705th Heraeus Seminar "Frontiers in Size-Selected Cluster Research: Bridging the Gap" took place at the Physics Center Bad Honnef with 84 participants from more than ten countries. The symposium, organized by us and generously supported financially and organizationally by the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Foundation, was a complete success. In addition to beautiful lectures by Jonas and Arghya, there were great poster contributions by Yake, Sonja, Max, Sreekanta and Arghya.

Juniwiesenfest (19.6.2019)

Also this year the Asmis Group particpated in the volleyball tournament at the annual Juniwiesenfest (19.06.2019). The team line-up was slightly changed compared to the previous year and the focus was even more on an uncompromising attack. Unbeaten, the squad dashed through the group phase and finally achieved ninth place among 32 participating teams. Once again, the team proved that they are a permanent fixture in the tournament. The Juniwiesenfest is an annual volleyball tournament in which mixed teams of students, doctoral students and professors of chemistry, physics or biology compete in exciting duels.

Web presence (4.12.2018)

We are now also present on the University's web site!

Tipp-KickerzZz come in 8th at the Juniwiesenfest (20.06.2018)

At this year's Juniwiesenfest, our group participated with its own team. Highly motivated, the team marched self-confidently through the tournament and finally took eighth place out of 32 participating teams. The Juniwiesenfest is an annual volleyball tournament in which mixed teams of students, doctoral students and professors of chemistry, physics or biology compete in exciting duels.

Tim traps first nanoparticle (28.05.2018)

After more than three years of planning and building, Tim traps his first nanoparticle.
The particle, an agglomerate of 25 nm polystyrene nanoparticles, was trapped at 30 kHz drive frequency and an amplitude of Vp = 200 V in a newly designed split ring electrode trap (SRET).
The next step will be the determination of mass and charge and a characterization of the effection ion trap potential.
Further experiments at trap temperatures of 10 - 300 K are planned.

Martin wins PCCP poster prize (12.05.2018)

At the 117th meeting of the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry in Hannover Martin Mayer is awarded the PCCP Poster Prize. He presented research results on physico-chemical characterization and experimental proof of the only known anionic argon compound [B12(CN)11Ar]- which is stable at room temperature.

Barbecue in the park (24.05.2018)

On the occasion of a new group photo, the working group met in the Friedenspark for a relaxed barbecue.

Workshop "Horizons in Cold Cluster Spectroscopy"

From 12.9.-15.9.2017 AK Asmis organizes the workshop "Horizons in Cold Cluster Spectroscopy" funded by the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation in the Wilhelm-Ostwald Park in Großbothen.

Group excursion

Group excursion in the Leipzig Zoo (23.08.2017)

In bright sunshine, this year's group excursion led to the Leipziger Zoo. We ended the evening in"Heimathafen Kö" . Martin, thanks for the great organization!

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